Monday, February 28, 2011

Denial About The Day

I've been perusing other LEO wife blogs and have seen a few posts about The Day.  The Day we don't like to think about but have to prepare for.  Here's one at A Policeman's Life and another from Matt, Rachel & Cadence.  Those were both tough reads.  Another one, at Life While Handcuffed to a Lawman, broaches the practical topic of what to do after The Day.

I go through cycles.  Today I'm in denial that anything could ever happen to my Lion.  He's a big, badass sonofabitch and his roar...well...I heard him roar clear across a grocery store when I went on a ride-along about a month ago and he said, "You heard that?!  I wasn't even yelling."  It's something to behold.  So today, I'm in denial.  Today the hyenas are not going to get him.

When he first went out on his own (he doesn't have a partner), I spent the first 6 months praying that he wouldn't die.  After I went on that ride-along with him, I feel a little better about his chances.  I mean - he has a vest and backup is never more than a minute away.  We hardly went 5 minutes without seeing another officer that night.  They have each others' backs.  It's comforting to a worry-wart like me.

When he was in the academy, they made the recruits write up their funeral plans.  He wants lots of Guinness and promised to haunt anyone who played 'Danny Boy' at his wake (An Irish cop?  You're shocked, right?)  Other than that, I don't know what he wrote or what he wants done.  I'm not ready to look at that quite yet.  Or think about it.

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