Monday, March 7, 2011

Off Days

This set off has been a little different than most: The Lion and I called our sitter to watch the kids and had a double date on Thursday evening.  I developed a taste for The Macallen, 12 Year.  Mmmm...  We went out with another LEO couple and had a nice time.  Very relaxing.  There have been a number of benefits for a local officer who was hurt recently, so we supported those establishments all night.  Then we went back home, opened a bottle of wine and sat around the table in our backyard and talked for a few more hours.  The men had cigars and the weather was nice enough, we were able to light some candles and take it easy.

We had plans to run together on Friday, but my morning meetings ran late and a nap seemed more in order than a run.  We made up for it by getting to the gym together on Saturday evening after spending most of the afternoon at a birthday party - the cubs went with us to the gym and the little one promptly jumped on the mats and told the older one to "wrestle!"  It did not end well for the older one!

The Lion grilled Saturday night and we spent most of the afternoon and evening together on Sunday (even watched a movie!)...all this is to say I got lots and lots of quality time with my man this weekend.  Something I sorely needed.  Most people seem to think it's easy to be a Lioness, taking the extended absences in stride, sharing him with his buddies and his hobbies on his off days.  It's not easy and I'm not graceful at it quite yet, but I'm getting there.

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